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Date:     3/25/2014 Credit Report: Israel Israeli

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Relevant Information

Israel Israeli registered as Self employed (Tax Authority)

General Information
Name: Israel Israeli
ID Number: 123456789
Address: 160 Even Gvirol st. Tel-Aviv
Tel: 054-1234567

Israel Israeli Serves as Director in the following corporations: 

Private companies 
1. A. Sample (1999) Ltd. Venture capital, Chairman of the Board
2. Arye Gross sample (1995) Ltd. Real Estate and Property, Director 
3. Discretix example Ltd. mobile networks control system, Director

Bank Account Restrictions

Detecting restricted customers under aggravated circumstances

ID Number 123456789 does not appear on the list of restricted customers under aggravated circumstances

Bankruptcy Check

Bankruptcy info from the official receiver

!!! ID 123456789 is in bankruptcy proceedings

Name:Address:Representing details:
Court:Year:Case number Bbih"m:
Date of filing:Name of referee:The request was submitted by:
Date receivership order:Date of bankruptcy order:Date of revocation of the order convening / appearances:
The cause of the cancellation of the order:Status file:Balance portfolio:
Attorney Bcn"r:Researcher Bcn"r:Inspector Bcn"r:

Execution Office Cases

Execution Office Results:

ID Number: 123456789 appears as Restricted in the Execution Office !!!

Lien Summary
* This report does not contain list of pledges 

Legal Information
Date: 02/12/2012 ° Court: Small Claims Court in Netanya ° of pages: 1
Before Judge Harvey Groves demanding one. John Doe defendants 1. The Israel Electric Corporation Ltd. company eg a defense

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